Forged by a chalky soil unlike any other and honed by time, Cristal is Louis Roederer’s flagship champagne.


Created in 1876 at the special request of Tsar Alexander II, this exceptional champagne is sourced from 45 plots located in seven Grands Crus vineyards spanning the Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley and the Côte des Blancs. It is only produced in years when the grapes have reached perfect maturity.
This bright, powdery and chalky champagne is the product of time and the fruit of a haute couture artisanal viticulture in which eco-friendly practices, biodynamic composts and respect for living organisms are the only rules. Cristal is a drinking experience unlike any other. It is crafted in a manner that will allow it to reveal itself very gradually over time, growing ever more glorious with every passing year, gaining in depth, finesse and aromatic complexity.


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